MOON products: the sound experience of a lifetime.

At MOON our products produce sound that’s so pure and authentic it brings a newfound proximity to the performer. And because you never want those intimate moments with the artist to end, all MOON products are built to be enjoyed over a lifetime.

Our mission

Design and offer exceptional products that produce sound as pure as the emotions that created them.

Our values

Our respect for artists and musicians is matched only by our devotion to our audiophile customers. Dedicated to surprising and delighting both, our consistent creativity and innovation has been redefining the industry for 38 years.

Who we are

Experienced audiophiles and music lovers, our specialists believe in the power of music. That’s why, for 38 years, our engineers and designers have been obsessed with exceeding the limits of sound purity and redefining the impossible.

World-class customer experience

Our renowned customer service is professional and personalized because our entire team, from our designers to our retailers, is committed to your long-term satisfaction. And part of offering the best sound experience in the world is our commitment to deliver that experience to you, no matter where you are located.

Against obsolescence

At MOON we are proud to build products that are sustainable, just not just for your lifetime, but for the life of our planet. That’s why we have the confidence to offer a 10-year warranty on all our products. And we favour responsible suppliers and subcontractors who share our philosophy of reducing our carbon footprint.

Respect for sound and proximity

The pure sound of the instruments, the timbre of the voice, the bated breath. At MOON we believe that nothing should stand between the authenticity at the time of recording, and the listener. This proximity is our goal; this intimacy is our passion.