After Sales Service

Besides our reputation for building long lasting products, Simaudio has also been handling customer inquiries for over 38 years. Our technical support team is always ready to answer any inquiry related to any MOON product.

Contact your MOON dealer

For immediate and customized assistance, we highly recommend in first instance to contact your MOON dealer. From then on, make sure you have the serial number from the model subject to your inquiry. If you need to find your nearest MOON dealer, click here.

Service Form

If, for any reason, no support can be found from your MOON dealer, we invite you to send us your query through our Contact page. Regardless the type of request about your MOON product, you must indicate its serial number in order to receive assistance. Simaudio reserves the right to refuse any repairs that have no return authorisation number (RA#) submitted by us. We will also refuse repairs with products that have gone through modifications that were not approved by us.

Discontinued Products

Thanks to the precious care given into parts management, we still offer service on our discontinued models dated from the early stages of the SIMA production, including the CELESTE series.