Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated amplifier combines the functions of preamplifier and power amplifier. Simpler and more compact, the integrated amp has the advantage of being more affordable than a separate preamp / amp system. A whole range of models with different powers and functionalities is offered. And some give the possibility of integrating phono stages and/or digital audio converters. Our integrated amplifiers are flexible and designed to maximize the benefits of integration. They offer a sound without compromise on performance.

  • 600i v2
    Integrated Amplifier

    The MOON 600i v2 Integrated Amplifier is designed to continue where the legendary and award winning MOON i-7 left off.

  • 240i
    Integrated Amplifier

    With connectivity accented on digital audio, as well as a plethora of analog line-level inputs, and a phono input, the 240i can easily become the one-box centerpiece of your music and entertainment system.

  • 340i X
    Integrated Amplifier

    Endless possibilities… The 340i X allows you to integrate your music system in distinctively new ways.

  • 700i
    Integrated Amplifier

    The MOON 700i is the ultimate Integrated Amplifier. Intended to meet the needs of the most demanding music connoisseurs, it is fully differential dual-mono design, rated at 175 watts/channel, offering authority, finesse and superb control.

  • 250i
    Integrated Amplifier

    The MOON 250i Integrated Amplifier delivers power and emotion in an elegant package.