Sima Electronics was founded in 1980, born of a passion to offer consumers an alternative to mass market audio products. Sima products (as they were then called) quickly gained a reputation for outstanding value for money, and were consequently highly regarded by aficionados and enthusiasts.  Although the earliest products were aimed strictly at professionals, the audiophile community rapidly took note of the sonic excellence, and most models of the 1980s were used in home environments. The passion for music, company philosophy, and the engineering excellence evident from the company’s early years paved the way for success.


Audio and music engineer, Aficionado Victor Sima creates Sima Electronique in St. Hubert, Quebec, with the goal of providing high-performance music reproduction without the frills, bells & whistles.


The 1990’s saw the introduction of the Celeste series of products, and the company was reorganized into Simaudio Ltd. Our original “Renaissance” circuitry for amplification was first implemented at this time. These famous oval-faced products became instantly recognizable for both their elegant appearance and transparent sonic signature. Stereophile Magazine gave the W-4070 Power Amplifier a benchmark review for its sub-$1,500 price, calling it “a remarkable achievement at any price” and awarded it a position in their coveted “Recommended Components”.

Celeste i-5080

The Celeste i-5080 integrated amplifier combined numerous technologies found in Simaudio MOON preamplifiers and power amplifiers. Offering very high quality sonic performance, it was the predecessor to the MOON i-5. Features include remote control operation, 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms and a preamplifier output.


After years of research, Simaudio launched its reference-grade series of audio products, aptly named the MOON Series. Utilizing many new in-house developed technologies and building on the immensely successful Celeste products, the MOON series was considered by many to be the pinnacle of what is achievable when innovation meets technological creativity.

MOON i-5 Integrated Amplifier

The MOON i-5 integrated amplifier combines numerous technologies such as our proprietary “Advanced Renaissance” amplifier technology which eliminates feedback; a preamplification section using “Class A” dual-mono circuit topology and extremely rigid extruded aluminum chassis construction.

MOON W-5 Power Amplifier

The MOON W-5 was a balanced differential dual-mono power amplifier that produces 190 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 380 watts into 4 ohms and could be configured for mono operation. Employing our “Advanced Renaissance” technology featuring a “no overall feedback” circuit and bipolar output devices, the W-5 produced a warm, grain free sound common to some of the very best tube amplifiers, but had the reliability of solid state designs.

home-theater systems

With the rapidly increasing popularity of high-performance Home-Theater systems, Simaudio introduced the MOON Titan multi-channel amplifier, the first amplifier in our MOON A/V Series. Bringing years of award winning amplifier design “know-how” to the table, our design team created one of the very first high powered multi-channel amplifiers with a thermally interconnected chassis to ensure exceptional sonic performance across all channels at all times. The Titan has earned a universal reputation as the finest amplifier of its kind and can be found in countless reference grade multi-channel systems worldwide.


The MOON ROCK was a fully balanced differential mono-block amplifier that produced an ultra-high-current output signal to a maximum continuous rating of 1000 watts into 8 ohms and 2000 watts into 4 ohms, and was easily capable of effortlessly driving any loudspeaker. Using 32 bipolar output devices in conjunction with internal electronic component matching to exceptionally low tolerances, the ROCK pushed the boundaries of solid-state amplifier design at the outset of the new millennium,. With a very strong emphasis on form and finish, this amplifier included a customized 2 inch thick solid granite base, weighing in at over 120 lbs., as well as an anodized top cover.



The MOON Attraction 7.1 went far beyond the original Attraction by offering 8 fully balanced differential channels of output. Using the very best digital audio technologies available at the time, in conjunction with the numerous software modes offered by Dolby Laboratories and DTS, the Attraction 7.1 provided “state of the art” surround sound processing, digital-to-analog conversion and digital preamplification.


To celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2004, we recognized the success of the Nova and Eclipse Disc Players, P-5 preamplifier, W-5 power amplifier and i-5 integrated.  To that end, we ran a special production of 250 special units of each model, and became the MOON Limited Edition series. Each model featured circuit enhancements to raise the performance bar in addition to special cosmetics.  Owning one is much like owning a unique piece of history.

Calypso DVD Transport / Player

Like its predecessors, the MOON Calypso offered extreme flexibility; it could be purchased as either a DVD Transport or a DVD Player, the latter including an optional audiophile-grade D/A converter and analog audio stage. To further enhance this modular concept, an optional DVI-D output circuit was available for the best possible video signal. Either or both of these options can be purchased with the transport or as an upgrade. Both a 480p progressive scan line doubler circuit (NTSC Only) using Faroudja’s DCDiä (Diagonal Correlation Deinterlacing) technology and a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) video output were included as a standard features. Housed in an attractive and rigid chassis with multiple massive power supplies, the MOON Calypso was a DVD Transport/Player that represented true state-of-the-art video and audio performance.

New series

Addressing the other end of the price scale, a new series of MOON components became a reality. The “1” series offers an unprecedented level of performance at a cost that was previously unattainable in the world of high-performance audio. This significant milestone is due largely as a result of our many years of successful R&D, allowing us to offer what is commonly referred to as “trickle-down technology”, albeit augmented by our manufacturing know-how in Boucherville, Quebec.

P5.3 Preamplifier

The MOON P5.3 Preamplifier follows in the footsteps of the legendary and award-winning P-5. It  employs numerous technologies from our Evolution series. Featuring five line-level inputs, a user-configurable “home-theater ready” input, an IR input for external control and a 12V trigger for convenient operation, the P5.3 Preamplifier offers a level of sonic performance and flexibility that the competition can only hint at. Raising the bar even further, an optional internal phono preamp is available with adjustments for gain level as well as capacitance and resistance loading. 

The SE version features an upgraded volume circuit with a greater range of volume steps (0 to 99) compared to the original version (0 thru 50).  The SE version offers tighter matching and tolerances for certain critical electronic parts.

W5.3 Power Amplifier

The MOON W5.3 Differential power amplifier produced 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms and could be configured for mono operation. Employing our world-renowned “Advanced Renaisance” amplification circuit, the W5.3 produces a warm, grain free sound common to some of the very best tube amplifiers, but has the reliability of solid state designs.

The SE version produces 175 watts into 8 ohms, 350 watts in to 4 ohms and 700 watts in bridged mono configuration. It also uses MOON Bipolar output transistors with unprecedented gain linearity resulting in improved bass response and even more accurate sonic reproduction. Also unique to the SE version are tighter matching and tolerances for certain critical electronic parts.

Evolution series

We’ve brought the MOON Evolution series to the next level with the introduction of multi-channel components. The level of performance offered here, simply put, raises the bar to a previously unimaginable level and redefines what is commonly referred to as the state-of-the-art.  The MC-8 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier is considered by many to simply be the finest home theater amplifier ever created.  It picked up where the Titan left off…and greatly surpassed it.

750D Digital-to-Analog Converter

Intended to fulfill the demands of the most discerning music connoisseur, the 750D is a fully balanced design featuring our own M-AJiC32 circuitry (an asynchronous jitter elimination system) built around the ESS Technology SABRE-32 Reference Audio DAC. The conversion process uses an astonishing 8 DAC’s per channel working in 32-bit Hyperstream™. The final result is previously unattainable musical reproduction from digital media, be it a CD, computer, music server, etc. The MOON 750D will bring you closer to the music than ever before, offering plenty of flexiblity while exemplifying seamless luxury.

The back panel features a complete array of digital input (4) and output (2) connections to meet all the needs of today’s ever-widening technologies. The front panel includes a disc drawer for our own proprietary drive mechanism. As well, an optional outboard power supply (820S) is available to further enhance the  performance of the MOON 750D.

Of course, all of the signature features you would expect in a MOON Evolution series digital product are present: our revolutionary M-Quattro floating suspension, SimLink™, i²DCf, just to name a few, as well as both RS-232 and IR ports for custom-install environments.

CP-8 Surround Preamplifier / Processor

The MOON CP-8 is a genuine flagship Surround Preamplifier / Processor, aimed at the uncompromising enthusiast without price constraints. Designed with sound quality first and foremost in mind, the CP-8 provides a previously unimagineable level of sonic purity and realism from an audio/video product. A monumental obstacle that has been overcome by our dedicated engineering staff was the successful implementation of the most recent advancements in both HD video and digital audio decoding technologies. Coupled with our state-of-the-art analog circuitry, the MOON CP-8 is foolproof yet simple to operate.

Nearly 2 years of research and development were invested into the design of the CP-8 by people who are passionate about, and inspired by, both film and music. The ultimate goal was to fully redefine the home-theater experience. The result can be best described as a flawless nerve center for the most sophisticated and high-performance audio/video systems, regardless of the source material. Each experience will leave you utterly breathless and yearning for your next home entertainment indulgence.


We began 2010 by celebrating our 30th anniversary.   To mark this significant milestone we produced a limited edition run of 30 units of each of the MOON 600i Integrated Amplifier and MOON 750D CD Transport/DAC. These 30th Anniversary models featured a high gloss Ferrari red chassis, polished chrome faceplates, legs and accents. The 750D was the very first true 32-bit asynchronous DAC available in the consumer marketplace and was met with very high global acclaim.  In addition, each of these 30 highly coveted pieces were sold with a 30-year warranty.

340i X / i3.3 Integrated Amplifier

The MOON 340i X is rated at 100 watts/channel into 8ohms 200 watts/channel into 4ohms. It has received numerous recognition from international press as Best in Class, 5 Stars rating from What Hi-Fi?, 5 Globes from Hi-World, and several others.

350P Preamplifier

Like all Neo models, the Neo 350P borrows aesthetically and technologically from the flagship Evolution Series. When married to one of our Neo power amplifiers, the combination is a true step up from the integrated amplifiers, providing you with even more of everything: stunning musical realism, dynamics, harmonic richness and accuracy. If you are a headphone fanatic, you will appreciate the extremely-well executed, high-end discrete headphone amplifier section.

The Neo 350P is available with two options, which can be included at the time of purchase or added later on. A high-performance and very versatile DAC is offered for connectivity to your latest devices: a computer, DVD/Blu-Ray player or an iPod docking station. If you have a love for spinning your cherished collection of vinyl, a fully-configurable MC/MM phono stage is also available.

Of course, key features you’d expect in a MOON Neo Series product are present such as SimLink™, 12V trigger, RS-232 and IR ports for custom-install environments.

400M Power Amplifier

Extremely powerful, yet with a delicacy and articulation of the best amplifiers out there, the Neo 400M can take on virtually any loudspeaker you connect it to. Delivering a bottom-end slam, with authority and weight to the foundation of the music, it will transport you into a live concert environment. On the top end of the musical spectrum, the Neo 400M delivers finesse, detail and refinement that can challenge your perception of reality vs. recorded music.

When used in conjunction with the Neo 350P Preamplifier, the results are without equal. There isn’t a more refined combination at this price point. An ultimate combination for the discerning music lover, and for those who like to listen at higher sound levels.

Of course, key features you’d expect in a MOON Neo Series product are present such as 12V triggers and an RS-232 port for custom-install environments.

Network Streamer

The first MOON Network Streamer is introduced. Poised and ready for the future, the technology is given the name MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device). MiND technology offers, beyond streaming that is also available from others, a level of control and performance unmatched by others.

180 MiND Streamer

The MOON 180MiND allows to link music libraries to your Hi-Fi system in the best way possible. Gone are compromises between quality and practicality. Apple & Android smartphone or tablet become the ideal remote control for a MOON system and allow to access music from your computers, NAS, mobile devices or internet.

The 180MiND outputs signal via all types of digital connections (Toslink, SPDIF on RCA, AES/EBU on XLR) for compatibility with all DACs. It allows to reach the maximum sonic potential of a very high end sound system the same way it would do from an entry level system.

The MiND’s SimLink connection allows to control any SimLink equipped MOON system to enhance ease of use without having to use the IR remote. Also, it can adjust the real volume control of a MOON system rather than doing digital attenuation like most others do. This allows to preserve full fidelity regardless of volume setting.


The concept of MiND is simple: the future of music playback lies in the intuitive organization of a library, allowing for uncomplicated access to large collections of music that are managed with incredible ease-of-use and efficiency.

The ‘remote’ or control center of a MiND – based music streaming system is an iPad, iPhone or Android device. A downloadable application exists and requires very basic setup procedures. MiND is designed to allow a person with basic computer knowledge to take full command of a music library.