Spirit and emotion of music through products of distinction

  • Complete System
    At Simaudio, we are proud to announce that for the first time, it is possible to own a complete MOON system. The MOON Voice 22 Loudspeaker completes the realization of our dream to offer an all-MOON music system. In 2016, we created the ACE all-in-one music player, and whilst it met our desire for a comprehensive music product, we still needed our own loudspeakers to truly deliver the MOON sound. The Voice 22 is the culmination of exhaustive research, and for the first time, the MOON name has its own voice.
  • Create your own opus

    Your musical preferences, habits and library are as unique as your fingerprints. That’s why your MOON representative carefully customizes each sound configuration. Whether you’re looking to enhance the system you already have, or begin from scratch, your MOON representative will be pleased to show you a wide range of products that will suit your music, and your lifestyle. With MOON, every music lover finds their unique way to bring their passion to life.

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    We have used more-than-forty years of audio design experience to create these exceptional speakers. Featuring premium materials and industry-leading technologies, for the very first time they give the MOON name its own voice.
  • All-in-One
    Compact and effective, the all-in-one condenses the concept of Hi-Fi chain to its simplest expression. Simply hook up a pair of speakers of your choice and you are ready to enjoy your music. Generally, all-in-ones are developed with its practical aspect in mind, leaving aside a fundamental quality of a Hi-Fi system, its sound quality. Incapable of such compromises, we preserve the philosophy of sound performance when designing all our models whatever the type, including all-in-one product.
  • Network Player / DAC
    Digital to analog converters (DACs) and network players (streamers) optimally transform digital audio files from a computer, music service or online radio. The majority of models can be controlled remotely via a mobile application, iOS or Android. Most of them offer complete control of a MOON system. The quality of conversion is critical in the sound result, because it is this signal that will be amplified and reproduced by the speakers. Our digital products stand out for their quality of conversion that delivers analog sound as accurate as it is enjoyable.
  • Integrated Amplifiers
    Integrated amplifier combines the functions of preamplifier and power amplifier. Simpler and more compact, the integrated amp has the advantage of being more affordable than a separate preamp / amp systemA whole range of models with different powers and functionalities is offered. And some give the possibility of integrating phono stages and/or digital audio converters. Our integrated amplifiers are flexible and designed to maximize the benefits of integration. They offer a sound without compromise on performance.
  • Power Amplifiers
    The amplifier is the energy of the system: it provides the power to the speakers. It is used with a preamplifier or with a source with its own volume control. A power amplifier has only one function: to amplify the signal. It performs better than any other type of device in that regard. There are two-channel models (typical choice) or mono models to buy in pairs for even more power. The latter option allows to bring amplifiers closer to the speakers, an advantage. Depending on preferences, a variety of powers and configurations are possible. Our industry-leading power amplifiers benefit from circuits with topology without global feedback, providing unmatched musicality.
  • Preamplifiers
    At the heart of the Hi-Fi system based on separate components, the preamplifier connects the devices to each other; all sources (CD player, network, radio or Blu-Ray) connect to it. It also transmits the signal to the amplification system to which it is connected. The preamplifier, which is used with an amplifier or active loudspeakers (which integrates an amplifier), is used to select the source to play and adjust the volume to the desired level. A separate preamplifier allows you to use the amplifier of your choice in the Hi-Fi system. Our preamplifiers stand out for their exceptionally quiet operation - no background noise - that delivers outstanding listening quality.
  • Headphone Amplifiers
    Although some headphones work with many types of devices, none are as suitable as a dedicated headphone amplifier. This is the key to get the most out of headphones at home, especially from the most sophisticated ones. Because our headphone amplifiers benefit from circuits with a transconductance topology, they have an unparalleled musicality in the industry.
  • Power Supply
    In a quest of ultimate results, a separate power supply increases the performance of dedicated audiophile device to a higher level. As an Olympian who takes care of his diet, electronic components can benefit from a better power supply and improve its performance.
  • Phono Preamplifiers
    Still popular even though from another era, vinyl records offer music lovers a particular sound and tangible support that is much appreciated. Crucial in the result of listening to a turntable, the phono preamplifier optimally adapts a turntable to the rest of the Hi-Fi system, by amplifying the signal coming from the cartridge. Whether for a beginner's table or a high-performance table, there is a MOON phono preamplifier for all tastes. During assembly, our phono preamplifiers benefit from special care. They feature measured and hand-selected capacitors for reproduction with a more precise and natural frequency response.
  • CD Player
    It allows CD playback and transmits its signal to the rest of the Hi-Fi system that will process it. The CD player's main function is to extract the information encoded on a CD, and when equipped with a DAC, it also transforms this information into an analog signal. MOON CD players use proprietary M-Quattro transport mechanics to provide increased performance and serviceability for outstanding durability.