Power Amplifiers

The amplifier is the energy of the system: it provides the power to the speakers. It is used with a preamplifier or with a source with its own volume control. A power amplifier has only one function: to amplify the signal. It performs better than any other type of device in that regard. There are two-channel models (typical choice) or mono models to buy in pairs for even more power. The latter option allows to bring amplifiers closer to the speakers, an advantage. Depending on preferences, a variety of powers and configurations are possible. Our industry-leading power amplifiers benefit from circuits with topology without global feedback, providing unmatched musicality.

  • 330A
    Power Amplifier

    The MOON 330A Power Amplifier is a combination of high-performance and an elegant package.

  • 888
    Power Amplifier

    Bold in visual appearance. Prodigious in power output. Unrelenting in its musical accuracy.

  • 400M
    Power Amplifier

    The 400M is the entry point of monoblock amplification from MOON.

  • 760A
    Power Amplifier

    In a nutshell, the MOON 760A will amplify music with all the harmonic accuracy, richness and dimensionality of a live musical performance.

  • 860A
    Power Amplifier

    Transparency and soundstage are exceptional, despite this amplifier’s high power rating. Ultimately, the MOON 860A will mate seamlessly with any loudspeaker allowing it to reach its full sonic potential, regardless of its load.



  • 870A
    Power Amplifier

    The Evolution of amplification… Massive power reserves allow the music to reproduce effortlessly at any volume level.


  • 880M
    Power Amplifier

    Monophonic design, magnificent soundstage, incomparable power delivery for effortless and natural music reproduction.

  • MC-8
    Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

    An amplifier to end all Multi-Channel Amplifiers. The State-of-the-art redefined!