860A v2 : our newest Power Amplifier


Today, live from the High-End Munich Festival 2019, MOON is launching a brand new product : the 860A v2.

The MOON 860A v2 Power Amplifier is a balanced differential dual-mono Power Amplifier that provides both exceptional transparency and a remarkable musical soundstage.

The 860A v2 is a true evolution on earlier designs, and incorporates trickle-down technologies from the massive 888 Power Amplifier. MOON custom transistors, in conjunction with our award winning zero-global feedback amplifier topology are key factors behind the fabulous sonic attributes of the 860A v2. Rated at 225W per channel in dual-mono mode, or 750W in monaural mode, the 860A v2 will mate seamlessly with virtually any loudspeaker, allowing it to reach its full sonic potential. Paired with a MOON Preamplifier, the results are transparent, detailed and accurate with huge dynamics and an effortless bottom end.