The MOONLink

Seamless communication and unified operation amongst devices, together with automated basic operational features, are key elements in enhancing the enjoyment in any high-performance system. That is where MOONLink comes in. It brings the entire MOON system together functionally as one, simplifying operation.

Using a standard ethernet (RJ45) connection, MOONLink allows:
  • Synchronization of parameters including Standby and display & LED brightness levels
  • Volume control operation and input selection using the MOON MiND Controller app (iOS & Android) as well as with using Roon
  • Firmware updates to connected MOON devices are made possible
  • Status notifications

The MOONLink connection permits a group of interconnected MOON devices to operate as if they were one unit through seamless integration. You can even create multiple subgroups of MOON devices, and control devices in each group individually.