Everyone loves the MOON sound !

Music makes you travel, and so do our products.

Year after year, the MOON sound conquers the hearts of music lovers throughout the world. Our brand is now distributed in flagship stores in several different countries. MOON has become known internationally, particularly in key markets of the music industry such as England, Germany and the United States. Regardless of their musical tastes, connoisseurs from all types of backgrounds are falling in love with the unique emotions our products provide through sound. Wherever you are in the world, you will find stores that we have partnered up with and trained specialists who can help you discover our offer.

couple assis devant un système son moon

Our products not only transcend borders, they travel through time.

For the past almost 40 years, our team has been dedicated to creating sophisticated long-term solutions for our clients. While some tech companies focus solely on performance, we, at MOON, refuse to sacrifice the sound purity that has always characterized our offer. It is the sound purity everyone loves. Since we craft our devices so carefully, we want our clients to be able to enjoy them for a very long time! Instead of creating products that become obsolete quickly, we build true musical allies for those who know how to appreciate them. And that is why all our products are guaranteed ten years: so you can keep falling in love with them over and over again. Meet your future musical ally.