Explore sound purity with Guillaume Martineau


Guillaume Martineau, one of the most talented piano virtuosos in Quebec, shares his thoughts on the importance of sound quality. According to him, nowadays, audio compression compares to shortening a four-page letter into a single small paragraph; you can only hope that you haven’t lost the fundamentals!

Here is the written version of the interview.

“I had the chance to get this great culture of classical music but, at the same time – sometimes I was even hiding it to my teachers -, I was having a rock band and we were very influenced by groups like Radiohead or other groups like Pink Floyd. If I knew that somebody can access to my music, for his whole life, only through mp3s or other compressed files, it would be like if you tell me that I just wrote a nice letter to somebody and this 4-page letter is now only one paragraph! The challenge of today is that we have a lot of distractions, we are going very fast from an experience to the other and we never let the time to go deeper into one specific experience. If people don’t have access to a deep experience of sound, of music, i hope for them that they have a deep experience into something else at least! Because the goal of art is just to feel these moments where we are really present, focused and receive a lot of energy from life and in that case from sound. When you really concentrate, you go deep into your hearing experience, you can receive a lot from music and it can change some aspects of your life.”

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