The new MOON Studio has been designed to allow the MOON team to deliver industry-leading communications to its customers and partners across the globe. Equipped with the very latest premium pro recording equipment, the facility will allow people and products to be seen and heard in brilliant audio-visual detail. As the traditional culture of face-to-face international business meetings and global trade shows is in a period of transition, MOON has swiftly adapted to ensure that it is at the forefront of this changing landscape.

The studio will be used for MOON’s regular Facebook Live events, global training sessions, video conferences, podcast recording and the creation of professional product videos. Located in the MOON HQ in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, the studio bristles with technology that enables quick, stable, seamless and superior communication.

At the heart of the MOON Studio is a Soundcraft Signature 12 sound console supplemented by a Rodecaster Pro podcast console. Shure SM7B and Sennheiser EW 100 G4-ME4-A microphones ensure perfect vocal transmission and an AKG K240 Studio headset gives excellent playback when mixing, mastering and recording. A Blackmagic monitor screen and 4K cameras have been installed, with the lighting provided by Aputure. A 55’’ Samsung will deliver perfect images into the studio.

Custom-made acoustic treatments were applied throughout the studio to ensure perfect audio balance. These were created by sonic specialists, Boréales Acoustiques, who were also responsible for the treatments in MOON’s listening rooms.

Etienne Gautier, MOON’s sales and marketing director, said ‘The new MOON Studio ensures that we will be able to communicate using equipment that complements the company’s drive for premium quality and attention to detail in every area of its operations. I am looking forward to being able to use the facility on a regular basis and I am certain our customers and partners will enjoy seeing and hearing us in a fully life-like mode.’

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