Elevate your sound experience
Taking Hi-Fi Higher

Taking Hi-Fi higher

When it comes to your listening experiencing, could you be missing something?

Today much of what we listen to with our standard devices comes to us compressed, altered or not reflecting the exact sound composition intended by the artist. But more and more, there is an increased focus on having a better listening experience, with sound quality at the core of what music enthusiasts seek. They don’t just want to hear the music: they want to experience the authenticity and subtlety infused at the time of recording, taking in the same sound product the artist themselves originally envisioned. That unity between audience and artist has become fundamental to their listening experience.

With Hi-Fi, the goal is to deliver that very nuanced authenticity, bringing the original sound alive as exactly as it was performed and recorded. From the touch of an instrument to the artist taking a breath between notes, choosing Hi-Fi lets you capture the mood, intention and subtleties of each artist, allowing you to take your music experience to the next level. With the growing movement towards purity and truth in sound, you will be in the best of company on your listening journey.

Munich : the cornerstone of high-end audio

Munich: the cornerstone of high-end audio

A city for the modern world, Munich has a long tradition of heart, charm and enchanting cultural diversion. The city’s longtime devotion to art and theatre positions it as the German capital of the art of living. But even beyond the country’s borders, Munich is a great musical capital of Europe, with a cultural legacy that passes from generation to generation. When it comes to Hi-Fi, the city is a cornerstone of design and engineering, standing at the forefront of technological innovation.

The Munich High-End Show is the world’s largest annual Hi-Fi event, an enormous exhibition-style fair that welcomes thousands of passionate Hi-Fi enthusiasts to see the biggest audio manufacturers from around the world and discover the latest and greatest industry advancements. MOON is extremely proud to attend this iconic Hi-Fi event, drawing inspiration and sharing the MOON philosophy of excellence with the world. Look for MOON from May 6th to May 12th, 2019 and don’t miss a moment, including some surprises that are sure to astound you!

Top-tier tips with Étienne Gautier

Top-tier tips with Étienne Gautier

When it comes to sound experience, pressing play isn’t always the beginning. Room acoustics, sound system and speaker placement and your location are all factors to consider. Étienne Gautier, Export Sales Manager at MOON by Simaudio, offers some tips.

● Tip 1: Accessories

Once your sound system is in place, choose accessories that limit distortions like microphonics. For connection cables, manufacturing materials are key, as poor materials will impact sound quality. For furniture, invest in pieces that absorb vibrations—at MOON, we integrate a gel suspension under our products to help. And don’t be shy about asking your retailer for advice.

● Tip 2: Room acoustics

Some room materials reflect sound (e.g., flat surfaces) and others diffuse (e.g., stone walls). Make sure the room isn’t amplifying certain frequencies and absorbing others, creating “acoustic traps” that diminish sound quality. When in doubt, talk to your retailer or an acoustic treatment specialist.

● Tip 3: Build your sweet spot

Your listening room is your oasis, so create a space that lets you immerse your senses. Hang glass surfaces like windows with curtains to act as absorbing acoustic panels. Set up speakers according to room dimension and adjust temperature and lighting. Minimize distracting clutter and include a comfy armchair for hours of relaxed listening.

Raising the bar with innovation

Raising the bar with innovation

The world is in perpetual motion.

Artists are always seeking new ways to improve their compositions.

Music evolves fast. And so do your needs.

That’s why our products are conceived, designed and handcrafted to go beyond expectation, allowing you to build the listening experience of your dreams. We strive to push the limits of innovation, developing state-of-the-art products that deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance a beloved sound system you already have or you’re ready to upgrade your system with the latest tech, we’re ready to help you perfect your equipment and your experience. The only limit is your imagination. Our focus is on the future, incorporating new ways to bring you better audio.