Reunite with music
thanks to the 240i integrated amplifier
amplificateur sur une étagere

Where there is music, there is joy. Music unites people from everywhere in the world, no matter their age, origins, interests and aspirations. Many say that it is a universal language, created to soothe the mind. So why not make sure you have the right tools to appreciate it to the fullest?

Thanks to its different components and features, the MOON 240i integrated amplifier has the power of bringing music lovers together. Whether you prefer the authenticity of vinyls or the simplicity of digital, the MOON 240i is sure to meet all your needs for sound quality. As a matter of fact, it is the most recommended tool for whomever wishes to discover the beauty of HiFi. Combining a variety of products, it is able to control low frequencies, all the while producing a graceful sound that is perfectly diffused in space. It has something for everyone! With its numerous inputs, including a phono input, the integrated amplifier possesses all the right qualities to become the centrepiece of your next sound system, as well as your new source of entertainment. Reunite with music and bring joy to all your senses; be at one with the MOON 240i. Learn more about our sophisticated integrated amplifier.