Welcome everyone,

MOON proudly unveils its new North Collection of truly exceptional high-end MOON products. This landmark range represents a culmination of years of research and development in the fields of audio, electronics, materials, and manufacturing processes. Its stunning aesthetic design is surpassed only by the improvements in its performance, made possible by the passionate team of engineers and technicians dedicated to delivering an uncompromised music listening experience. The North Collection embodies the spirit of Canada, each product reflecting the company’s passion for premium audio design and exceptional sound reproduction, delivering features and performance that will delight music lovers around the world.

The North Collection incorporates ground-breaking MOON technologies—including the MOON Distortion Cancelling Amplifier (MDCA) circuit that reduces distortion and noise to previously unattainable levels, the MOON Damping Base (MDB) that raises the bar on mechanical isolation, and updated volume technologies for ultimate control. Premium MDE digital converters in the North Collection were designed and tuned to heighten every digital performance, and intelligent MOONLink connectivity ensures the symbiotic interoperability of all the devices.

Operating the North Collection is effortless with the intelligent MOON BRM-1 remote control featuring the luxurious MOON volume knob, ground-breaking touch controls, visual feedback, and lavish refinement. This exceptional product is calibrated to deliver celebrated MOON precision and guarantees enjoyment with every model.

Beautiful new OLED colour screens feature on four of the products in the North Collection. These advanced displays showcase cover art, song and album titles, and artist names in brilliant detail, as well as volume and a setup menu. The combination of the BRM-1 remote and the new OLED screen elevates the MOON experience to an exclusive tier.

Every model in the North Collection boasts new vertical heatsinks and timeless MOON styling for improved performance. Handcrafted details and the iconic MOON control knob, ensure that the North Collection commands admiring glances wherever it is experienced.

Created to express the finest nuances in every recording and to offer unrivalled listening pleasure, the North Collection is the range that MOON lovers have been craving. Look North to discover this uncompromising new range of truly unparalleled hi-fi equipment.

North Collection is composed of 6 exclusives products: