The Timelessness
of a smooth listening experience
with Mrs Robin Alexander
The Timelessness of a smooth listening experience with Mrs Robin Alexander

Whether she’s listening to harmonious jazz duos of piano and trumpets or the melodic sounds of classic rock n’ roll drums and electric guitar, Mrs Robin Alexander wants one thing: a smooth listening experience. “My best musical times come from the comfort of my own home speakers, but I would not have been able to enjoy them as much without discovering Hi-Fi,” she admits. Having grown up with a professional jazz musician as a father, Mrs Alexander has had a diverse musical ear since being born in Montreal. Now living in Toronto, she has collected an assortment of music and audio throughout her life; spanning from the vinyl years to the compact disc years. But, due to the ever-changing modules of sound and technology, she would find it difficult to preserve the quality of her music.

Despite the convenience of streaming, her preference lies with the authenticity of vinyls. The sultry, raw sound, the skips of the needle or having to get up and switch the record are all aspects of the analog experience that remind her why she became an audiophile. While the younger generations may not enjoy what analog has to bring as much, she also comprehends the consistency and cleanliness that digital brings. After all, good music is ageless, and so is good sound.

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Mrs Alexander frequented many audio shows as a hobby before realizing she had been missing something in terms of quality. “It wasn’t until the late 80s that I discovered Hi-Fi. I spent many years upgrading my equipment until I finally was able to find it: the sound I love.”As someone who has been able to listen to both digital and analog, Mrs Alexander says that it comes down to a matter of personal choice and intuition when deciding what Hi-Fi system to explore. “I always trusted my ears rather than rely on specs. The best – and only – way to know is to try.” Selecting the proper equipment is the most important thing, she believes, as the final result is contingent on the source. “Choosing good quality over aesthetics is key. My modules must look very simple, and I would advise opting for something as timeless as your favourite classics.”
While Mrs Alexander admits spending years searching for what worked for her, she recommends uninitiated audiophiles start with classic artists; with sounds that were made for the analog system. As they browse through all the options offered to them, beginners gradually build their own personal vinyl collection. And keep doing so for as long as they please.
Now retired, Mrs Alexander gets to sit back and enjoy the different genres of music that she has grown accustomed to over the years: from standard jazz in the 60s, to acoustic rock and roll, even though she doesn’t listen to the latter as often as she used to when she was younger.
Nevertheless, the sound remains just as clear as the day it was made.