Canada and U.S.A.

The below mentioned description of warranty is not intended as an official Warranty Statement. The Standard Warranty is 1 year parts and labour. Upon receipt of a validated product registration (via our website or by regular mail), the limited warranty can be replaced with an extended warranty that goes up to 10 years against manufacturing defects (only 3 years for the mechanical parts i.e: Laser transport, volume control, switches). To receive this free-of-charge extended warranty, the MOON product must be purchased new from a MOON authorized dealer and registered through us within 30 days following the date of purchase. The extended warranty is not transferable from a private party to another. To register your MOON product, please click here. In all other cases, the Standard Warranty applies. The above description is intended to provide a general description of the general rules of product warranties on MOON products. For full details on the terms and conditions of your MOON product’s extended warranty, please refer to the ‘’Product Registration Program’’ provided with the user guide. For immediate assistance, please contact your MOON Authorized Dealer.

Outside Canada and U.S.A.

A Product Registration is not required with us. MOON products sold outside Canada and U.S. are warrantied exclusively per the authorized MOON dealer’s and/or authorized MOON distributor’s warranty, and may or may not be the same from one region to another, in conditions. For all inquiries about the terms and conditions related to the warranty offered in your country, please contact your MOON authorized dealer or distributor.