An embarrassment of riches

One of the most popular systems in the North Collection combines the MOON 681 DAC and network player with the MOON 641 integrated amplifier. Why wouldn’t it be? For that level of performance and functionality, you’d normally need several more high-end (not to mention costly) components. Sure, you could choose to operate either of these devices with the MOON BRM-1 remote control. But we recommend only pairing it with the 641.

Here’s why…

While the BRM-1 could pair with the 681, it would involve using MOONLink to send input switching and—more crucially—volume adjustment commands to operate the 641. On the other hand, if the BRM-1 is paired directly with the 641, the connection is instantaneous! Turning the knob on the BRM-1 and watching the display of your 641, it’s hard to believe that you’re not actually holding the celebrated MOON volume knob of the integrated amplifier. What’s more, you can scroll through the inputs of your 641 and continue scrolling through the inputs of your 681 when you get there by tapping the centre of the screen on the BRM-1. Just look for MOON DAC in the 641 Setup menu to configure that input for your 681.

So, sit back and enjoy the complete MOON experience from the comfort of your favourite chair with the MOON BRM-1 right beside you.