the authenticity of vinyl
Dominique Poupart, product director at MOON

I remember the exact moment it hit me..”

I remember the exact moment it hit me. I was listening to the vinyl version of Automatic for the people by R.E.M. The sound was pure; I could hear the subtleties of each note. It was pitch perfect. To this day, I maintain that the sound quality of that vinyl is superior to its digital counterpart,” says Dominique Poupart, Product Director at MOON.

The Hi-Fi turntable

The Hi-Fi Turntable: Providing You the Purest of Sounds

Using a turntable is like practicing a mystic rite or a sacred ceremony. Think of browsing through thousands of records at the store, gently dusting the vinyl. Think of the needle vibrating into the groove of the spinning record while the first notes begin or the faint beating between each piece… Every step and every sound creates a profound sensation as you fall into a blissful connection with the artist, one song at at time, with no interruption.

Experimenting the Turntable

Continuity and durability

Unlike streaming, a turntable represents continuity and sustainability. It allows you to slow down at a time when we are constantly trying to catch our breath. Forget skipping; a turntable is about reveling in a whole album and embracing the artist’s craft with the same finesse he put into his composition.

The Hi-Fi turntable is a must to obtain the purest of sounds. Equipped with an unbeatable analog system, it sets itself apart from a lower quality economy table often found in non-specialized stores. This more modest table digitizes analog signals with sketchy electronics, leading to a deterioration of the sound’s initial purity.

On the other hand, the Hi-Fi table paired with a good phono preamplifier delivers the original analog signal to bring absolute joy to your ears.

The Return of the Record

The Return of the Record

The authenticity of the sound produced by the Hi-Fi turntable is an image of the relationship between an audio enthusiast and his vinyl. It is a true, deep and tangible connection that cannot be cherished with digital music. Like any valuable object, vinyl need to be taken care of. But, if you love them right, they will be around forever. While deleting a music file is easy, getting rid of a record is heartbreaking. You keep it, set it aside for a while, and pull it back out of its sleeve a few months later only to enjoy it even more.

The vinyl era is far from over. As a matter of fact, records are making quite the comeback. Whether it is among passionate groups (i.e.

Passion du disque vinyle de Québec and Vinyl Junkies) or in international events (i.e. Making Vinyl ou The Spins), vinyl records are getting a good rep.

Could it be because of the vintage look, the general disdain for programmed obsolescence or simply the desire to reconnect with music in all its pureness and simplicity? Or maybe it is all of the above. Trends have come and gone, but we have never stopped dancing to the melodies of vinyl.

The MOON 110LP v2 : the best partner for the turntable

Find the Best Partner in the Phono Preamplifier

If you are now hoping to be mesmerized by the sounds produced by a Hi-Fi turntable, make sure you pair it with a phono preamplifier. Your table’s sidekick will amplify the sound signal created by the micro vibrations of the needle to increase power. The better the preamplifier, the richer the sound.

The MOON 110LP v2 is ideal for someone taking their first steps into the Hi-Fi analog world. Powerful and affordable, it is the perfect solution for those wanting to discover the joys of high-end audio without splurging for complex equipment. The 110LP v2 may also be suitable for seasoned audiophiles who wish to optimize the performance of a turntable. It complements any Hi-Fi system with such range and precision that it is guaranteed to make you fall for records all over again.

Your turntable's best partners
110LP v2 Préamplificateur phono

110LP v2 Phono Preamplifier

Analog reproduction with world-class performance. Yet easy to use and affordable. Your records will never have sounded so good.