Elevate your sound experience

The experience of a lifetime

With MOON, you don’t just listen to music—you live it. From the first moment, the sound transcends expectation and elevates the listening experience. You and the artist become one, with a heightened connection to the intention behind every note. From the touch of a guitar string to the tension behind a perfect pause, you join the artist at the epicenter of every creation. And with a trademark pursuit of flawlessness that borders on obsession, the astounding attention to detail that accompanies your first sound immersion is present every time. Every year, every generation. That’s the MOON promise: next-level access to the purity of sound.

The 390, when design meets emotions

The 390, when design meets emotions

Each work of art has its own voice to be able to share a unique expression of emotion with its audience, aiming to leave each appreciator touched and affected by the experience. In a similar way, the MOON 390 is designed to deliver an outstanding high-resolution streaming experience that will take firm hold of your feelings from the very first note. It offers a complete high-end listening solution that provides exceptional audio performance.

No matter how your music is played, the MOON 390 reveals a level of detail that will leave its listener breathless. You are front row centre to every sound, every sentiment. Experience it, you will never hear your music the same way again.

the authenticity of vinyl

Using a turntable is like practicing a mystic rite or a sacred ceremony. Think of browsing through thousands of records at the store, gently dusting the vinyl.
Dominique Fils-Aimé, is an singer-songwriter

Respect for sound quality

Unfortunately, more than 90% of the music tracked in 2018 is compressed, distorted. We, the specialists of MOON by Simaudio wish to do everything possible, our energies and our talent to make sure that all artists are respected. Like Dominique Fils-Aimé, their work is the story of a life and involves hours of work.

Guillaume Martineau, a talented piano virtuosos

Explore sound purity with Guillaume Martineau

Guillaume Martineau, one of the most talented piano virtuosos in Quebec, shares his thoughts on the importance of sound quality. According to him, nowadays, audio compression compares to shortening a four-page letter into a single small paragraph; you can only hope that you haven’t lost the fundamentals!


Smartphones, smartcars, laptops – sound bombards us from everywhere. Sure, it’s easily accessible, but the sound quality on these devices is often muted or distorted, and the products themselves are designed to quickly become obsolete.

That’s what makes the durable excellence of MOON products so reassuring. Thanks to their pristine purity of sound, it’s like a screen is lifted between you and the performer. You are this close. The heartfelt sentiments of the artist reach out to you as if you were standing at their side in studio, or backstage at their show.

This is sound as it was meant to be showcased. At its truest. Delivered to you alone. Deeply personal. And even when the song ends, your emotion lives on. Because with a sound system this superior and reliable, you can revisit that song – and the wonder you felt –  over and over again over the years. That’s the MOON quality promise.

From concept to customer service, the entire team at MOON is dedicated to defying obsolescence. With a 10-year warranty on products, everyone at MOON confidently stands behind everything they make. And they have the pride of knowing that almost all their eco-responsible parts and products are impeccably crafted at Simaudio in Quebec, Canada.

in Passion

Passion makes

Passion is felt. It lives within you. When something takes control of your emotions and moves you to the depths of your soul, it means that you have found your passion.

At MOON, that is exactly how we feel about sound purity – passionate – and nothing comes close to that feeling except our desire to share it with the entire world. Every component of MOON products is crafted and perfected by experts with incredible attention to detail. We aspire to awaken your senses by producing a sound of unimaginable realism.

Since 1980, our fundamental values drive our team members to put not only time into their work, but also their heart. It is reflected in everything they do, from the design to the making, to the results. Passion does not tolerate compromise. MOON products will change your life. They will break all barriers between you and your inner artist; they will allow your creativity to run free.

The gateway to great sound

The MOON 390 offers a complete high-end listening solution. Simply connect it to a power amplifier or active loudspeakers to hear an exceptional audio performance.

All-in-one product

The ACE is A Complete Experience of musical ecstasy. Simply hook up a pair of speakers, connect to the internet and you are ready for music, lots of music.